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DVDO QUICK 6 ™ HDMI átkapcsoló

DVDO QUICK 6 ™ HDMI átkapcsoló
  • DVDO QUICK 6 ™ HDMI átkapcsoló
  • DVDO QUICK 6 ™ HDMI átkapcsoló
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DVDO Quick6 4K Ultra HD HDMI átkapcsoló


A DVDO Quick6 4K Ultra HD HDMI átkapcsoló, InstaPrevue technológiával felruházva lehetővé teszi, hogy lássuk az összes HDMI bemeneten bejövő streamet egyszerre, egy PIP rendszeren keresztül.

Azoknak ajánljuk, akik rendelkeznek egy komolyabb AV erősítővel, szeretnének vásárolni egy 4k-s megjelenítőt, és több HDMI forrással rendelkeznek


HDMI átkapcsoló (switch)

6x HDMI bemenet

2x HDMI kimenet

DVDO Quick6 is the industry’s leading edge 4K Ultra HD HDMI switcher which comes with InstaPrevue, MHL and all the latest video functionalities.

It upgrades your home theater system without additional investment in your video control systems. With six HDMI inputs and two HDMI outputs, you can manage all your sources visually and have flexibility to feed two different displays. InstaPrevue allows you to switch HDMI inputs visually. Once InstaPrevue is activated, you will see small PIP images appearing on your TV screen to see what is connected to each input.

DVDO Quick6 supports MHL, the new connection standard allowing smartphones and tablets to output 1080p video and 7.1-channel HD audio directly to a display.

InstaPrevue Technology
Having a hard time remembering what is on “HDMI 3” or “HDMI 4”? InstaPrevue provides a live preview of all your inputs at the same time and allows you to visually choose what you want to watch.

InstaPortS Technology
Tired of waiting for your TV or AVR to switch inputs? When you do make a choice, InstaPort delivers nearly instantaneous switching. The secret is in maintaining an authenticated link with each input the entire time. The Quick6HDMI switch does the work so you don’t have to wait.

Lost your picture-in-picture window? The Quick6 HDMI switch lets you watch two things at once.

Simplicity is critical. Turn your sources on or off and the Quick6 HDMI switch understands what you want to watch and switches to it.

Quick6 supports all 3D formats specified in HDMI 1.4b

Audio Return Channel (ARC)
Have an HD antenna? The Quick6 HDMI switcher enables your AVR to receive multi-channel surround audio from your TV over the ARC channel.

MHL-enabled smartphones and tablets deliver 1080p video and 7.1 channel HD audio to a DTV with an MHL adapter or cable.
Consumers are also able to charge their MHL-enabled mobile devices from the DTV and control the devices using the DTV remote.

Get ready, better video is coming and the Quick6 HDMI switcher puts both 4k Ultra HD support and MHL-enabled device support in your system today.


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