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MrSpeakers Alpha Dog zárt fejhallgató- kifutó termék

Raktárkészlet: fekete:  1 db
piros:  1 db
MrSpeakers Alpha Dog zárt fejhallgató- kifutó termék
  • MrSpeakers Alpha Dog zárt fejhallgató- kifutó termék
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239 000 Ft
Akció: 159 000 Ft159000
Kezdete: 2017.11.01   A készlet erejéig!

Zárt fejhallgató- kifutott típus, utolsó 1-1 db fekete és piros színben !

MrSpeakers' Alpha Prime headphone is built on the award-winning Alpha Dog 3D printed baffle and cup assembly. But we don't stop there, that's where we started.

Pure and simple, Alpha Prime was about tuning and improving the driver, and changing the voicing to reflect the improvements. And no, we won't say what we've done differently, but it took a LOT of work to do it. And we truly hope you'll enjoy it.

V-PlanarDriver Processing

Simply stated, a conventional planar driver is usually assumed to move as a flat surface.  In reality, this is not possible as the driver substrate is inelastic and  “locked” at the boundaries.   As such, the driver will move more as an arced surface then a flat plane, as conceptually illustrated in Figure 1.

standard-animation320FIGURE 1: Conventional Driver Motion

Over the years, different approaches have been developed to address nonlinear planar motion and the artifacts it can cause.  Fostex patented their RP technology, used on all their drivers used in our headphones, to reduce panel nonlinearities.  Another approach, known as knurling, was patented in 1997 by Bruce Thigpen, founder of Eminent-Technology and pioneer of numerous planar magnetic speaker technologies. We felt it would be possible to improve on the solutions available to date, so we collaborated with Bruce to develop V-Planar knurling technique (we filed for a patent with Bruce as a co-inventor).

In simplified form, V-Planar technology addresses nonlinear driver motion by more deeply creasing the diaphragm to increase compliance.  Much as pleats allow an accordion to expand and contract without stretching the fabric, the creases in the driver "open" slightly during larger excursions as illustrated in Figure 2.  When the driver is processed, the resultant peaks and troughs are deep enough to maintain more of their physical structure even after the driver has been tensioned.

V-Planar-Animation320FIGURE 2: V-Planar Driver Motion

Increasing the driver compliance allows it to behave as a more idealized planar surface and also improves it's acceleration.  With more of the driver surface in linear motion, V-Planar can not only push more air at low frequencies, but with greater acceleration also delivers better dynamics, high-end frequency response, and measurably lower distortion. The Sound Our main goal in producing the Prime was to upgrade the performance of our Alpha Dog headphone to deliver an even more natural and realistic sound.   Primary voicing was done using top-quality acoustic recordings followed by a dose of EDM to ensure the fun and lively performance with material that pushes sub-bass performance. The result is a very smooth, detailed and dynamic sound that works well across a broad range of musical genres.  We hope that you'll enjoy the sound of this headphone.
  • Specifications

    Frequency response (+/- 3dB): 16Hz to 18KHz

    Efficiency: 90dB/mW

    Weight (without cable): 440g

    Cable: Dual entry

  • Raktárkészlet
    fekete:  1 db
    piros:  1 db
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