Charley Musselwhite’s Southside Blues Band : Stand Back

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Charley Musselwhite’s Southside Blues Band : Stand Back
Charley Musselwhite’s Southside Blues Band : Stand Back
Cikkszám: unas_220889
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ArtistCharley Musselwhite’s Southside Blues Band

TitleStand Back

Vangaurd may have spelled his name wrong (he prefers Charlie or Charles), but the word was out as soon as this solo debut was released: Here was a harpist every bit as authentic, as emotional, in some ways as adventuresome, as Paul Butterfield. Similarly leading a Chicago band with a veteran Black rhythm section ( Fred Below on drums, Bob Anderson on bass) and rock-influenced soloists (keyboardist Barry Goldberg, guitarist Harvey Mendel),Musselwhite  played with a depth that belied his age — only 22 when this was cut! His gruff vocals were considerably more affected than they would become later (clearer, more relaxed), but his renditions of "Help Me," "Early in the Morning," and his own "Strange Land" stand the test of time.

He let his harmonica speak even more authoritatively on instrumentals like "39th and Indiana" (essentially "It Hurts Me Too" sans lyrics) and "Cha Cha the Blues," and his version of jazz arranger Duke Pearson's gospel-tinged "Cristo Redentor" has become his signature song — associated with Musselwhite probably more so than with trumpeter Donald Byrd, who originally recorded the song for Blue Note. Goldberg is in fine form (particularly on organ), but Mendel's snakey, stuttering style really stands out — notably on "Help Me," his quirky original "4 P.M.," and "Chicken Shack," where he truly makes you think your record is skipping.

Dan Forte/AMG

Personnel: Charley Musselwhite - Harmonica and Vocals / Harvey Mendel - Guitar / Barry Goldberg -Piano

and Organ / Bob Anderson - Bass / Fred Below Jr - Drums.


Side A: 1.Baby Will You Please Help Me  2.No More Lonely Nights  3.Cha Cha The Blues  4. Cristo Redempto

5.Help Me  6.Chicken Shack

Side B: 1.Strange Land  2.39th & Indiana  3.My Baby  4.Early In The Morning  5.4p.m

6.Sad Day

Label: Vangaurd

Cat No: VSD79232

Format: Lp x 1Lp standard Sleeve

Released: June 2008

Recorded: 1967

Produced by: Samuel Charters

Re-Mastered by: Sean Magee at Abbey Road Studios. London  U.K