Emission Labs is a small factory,  producing High Quality electron tubes in the Czech Republic. As we write January 2002, this is a new tube brand, but the history of these tubes has come a long way.

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From 1956 until 1990,  Tony worked in R&D in  the tube factories of  Prague, and was also R&D manager in Alesa Vaic's tube factory from 1996 until 1998.   In 1998, when Audio Note parted from  AVVT, Anton and some of his collegues were forced to retire, they thought they would never see the inside of a  tube factory any more. Well, it never quite came that way!  They kept on seeing each other, and just for the nostalgia they  decided to build a very small series  of tubes.  These were sold to friends and through a tube dealer in Muenchen. In May 2000, Tony was looking for an official sales partner, and started a cooperation with the company JAC-Music in Germany. Now that the business has grown in 2002,  we want to have our own  brand, and we have called  it: Emission Labs. The new name will express what we really are:  A small company, making very special,  technical products.