ohn Coltrane : In The Winners Circle

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ohn Coltrane : In The Winners Circle
ohn Coltrane : In The Winners Circle
Cikkszám: unas_922061
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Rare stuff from John Coltrane! The album features Trane playing tenor on only 4 of the album's 8 tracks – making it kind of surprising that they used his name in the title – but the album is a lesser-known batch of large group recordings that offer an interesting early chapter in his career! The main force behind the album is arranger Harry Tubbs – possibly not a name that's as sexy as John Coltrane, hence the billing – but a worthy leader for the date, given the quality of the music

Many of the other players here are small combo heroes who can also shine brightly in bigger groups – such as Donald Byrd and Art Farmer on trumpets, Kenny Burrell on guitar, Al Cohn on baritone sax, Eddie Costa on piano and vibes, and Oscar Pettiford on bass – plus Rolf Kuhn, making an early American appearance on clarinet. Coltrane gets in some nice, but short moments on the date – but the bigger charm is the full ensemble work – on titles that include "She Didn't Say Yes", "Turtle Walk", "At Home With The Blues", "Seabreeze", and "Love & The Weather".


"Pure Pleasure Records has done an outstanding job re-mastering this mono session to 180-gram vinyl. All of the instruments have clarity and rich tonality. There may be some confusion over the title, but John Coltrane – In The Winners Circle is large ensemble bop jazz at its finest. [On my turntable this vinyl had a slight flutter & wow; careful if you’re sensitive to that…Ed."

John Sunier @ Audiophile.com http://audaud.com/?p=36559


Personnel: Donald Byrd - Trumpet / Frank Rehak - Trombone(1/2,2/2) / Gene Quil - Alto Saxaphone / John Coltrane - Tenor Saxaphone / Al Cohn - Baritone Saxaphone / Eddie Costa - Piano(1/2,2/2 / Freddie Green - Guitar(1/2) / Oscar Petiford - Bass / Philly Joe Jones - Drums(1/2) / Ed Thingpen - Drums(1/4)


Side A

1.Lazy Afternoon 2.Not So Sleepy 3.Sea Breeze 4.Love And The WeatherSide B

1.She Didn't Say Yes 2.If I'm Lucky 3.At Home With The Blues 4.Turtle Walk


NYC, October, 1957 on Side 1 Tracks 1 & 3, Side 2 Tracks 1 & 3

NYC, September, 1957 on Side 1 Tracks 2 & 4, Side 2 Tracks 2 & 4

NYC, October, 1957 on Side 1 Tracks 1 & 3, Side 2 Tracks 1 & 3


Label: Bethlehem


Cat No: BCP6066


Format: 180 gram LP x 1 standard sleeve, MONO


Released: October 2013


Re-mastered by: Ray Staff at Air Mastering, Lyndhurst Hall,London


Recorded: September, October 1957, NYC